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Planned Giving And Endowment
Yeshiva Beth Yehudah is the largest Jewish Schools system in Michigan, providing quality Torah-based and secular educational programs for close to 100 years. Under its guidance, nearly 800 students in Nursery through Grade 12 are receiving an excellent foundation to become future leaders of our community.
Kaddish / Yahrtzeit Services
The Yeshiva will arrange for Kaddish and Tehillim recital on the Anniversary of a death of your loved one.
Have Tehillim (Psalms) recited on behalf of a loved one. For health, livelihood, marriage, children, etc.
Ask The Rabbi
Our team of Rabbis will answer any question in a sensitive manner. You may choose to remain anonymous.
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Send a tribute to a friend, relative or business associate by post or email.
  “Partners in Torah, of which my wife,
Judy, and I have been participants
nearly every Tuesday night for over
six years, has been a wonderful
experience, which includes nearly 400
men and women a week who are
drawing from the well-springs of our
tradition in a remarkable fashion.”
  - Judge Mark Goldsmith
Every Tuesday night Yeshiva Beth Yehudah is host to its successful Jean and Theodore Weiss Partners in Torah program, where hundreds of people gather in the Study Hall to learn together in pairs for one hour. Partners allows participants to probe the Jewish topic of their choice, pairing up every partner with a mentor. Learn more